Upgrading (more accurately ‘Updating’) WordPress

WordPress How To – Upgrading (more accurately ‘Updating’) WordPress

This has become far easier with the more recent versions of WordPress. It is a mostly automatic process that is done for you and is important in order to keep up to date with Security and the robustness of your website.

However, if you have lots of content on your site then you would do well to back those things up before you update. If you don’t know how to back up your WordPress databases then it’s one of those things that’s worth getting an expert to do. The reason being you risk losing a LOT of data from your website if the update goes wrong.

This has happened to me but my hosting provider automatically ‘stores’ a copy of the website every few hours. This means that I am able to go back to such a copy and ‘restore’ it. If your hosting provider does not include this in its service then I recommend you find one that does!

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