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Dental Marketing has really begun to get sophisticated (not least in terms of Online Marketing). So what should can you do to make sure that you are not being left behind?

In this article I am going to share a few insider secrets that will set you above the rest when marketing your dental practice. Read them all through – especially the little stroke of genius towards the end that I experienced with a dentist and how you can apply that to your practice.

1. Have a Content-Rich Website

If your website is to stand out from the crowd and stand any chance of being spotted by Google/ Yahoo then you need to have genuinely useful content. For example if you can include information such as how to avoid expensive dental visits, how to maintain your bridge/ cap/ crown, what the most effective non-damaging toothbrush and toothpaste are, how to get children to brush their teeth, how to overcome smoking stains etc. etc. then you are heading in the right direction.

Why? For two very good reasons:
(i) The search engines (Google/ Yahoo etc.) would much rather send someone to a website that offers useful content than to one that is just trying to recruit new patients.
(ii) Any potential patient who lands on your content rich, helpful, trust-building website is far more likely to think of you as a generally good egg than the chaps behind the other website that seems intent on getting them to book an appointment.

2. Get to Know Web 2.0

Don’t worry, it’s really not that complicated.

Web 2.0 is a geek’s way of saying ‘interactive’ which boils down to video content, audio content, forums and other media in which the user is not just sitting there like a lemon staring at the beautiful prose that you or your Practice Manager typed out and left there some time last year.

So get some Web 2.0 content on your website.

3. Get Interactive with the Web

If you go out to the web today you’d better go with a prize. In other words make a point of going on to the odd forum here and there and being genuinely useful in your responses to people how have queries about dental issues.

To find these forums do a search for ‘questions about my dentist’ or ‘dental questions’ or ‘dentistry answers’ or some such phrases. Make a note of the forums on which there are (would-be) patients and give them some useful answers.

4. Do Something Different

There is a community or group for everything. So why not offer to visit the local schools and do a ‘love your teeth’ day! It might sound a bit crazy until you look at it this way: every child goes home more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth and clutching a little brightly coloured score card for when they brush their teeth – and guess which Dentist’s name is on that card…Yours. If you have children you’ll understand how any help on that front is very welcome.

I took my son to a dentist who had the stroke of genius of giving him a little gift at the end. He could choose from any number of little animals/ shapes. He chose the bumble bee. And the genius bit? The bee and all the other little gifts were made from nothing other than cotton swabs and floss with a bit of highlighter pen. Brilliant!

5. Be the ‘Community’ Dentist

Once you have a happy, smiling child whose just had a filling, take a photo (with the parents permission of course). Put these photos on your practice wall and make a game of it for children – they have to find the photo of themselves before you’ve finished.

And put them on your website too – happy children at the dentist is about as good an advert for any frightened adult as I can think of!

But don’t let that stop at children. EVERY dentist website has the same old stuff on it – a picture of some model smiling, the reception area, the before and after shots, a tired animation of teeth implants being secured.

People go to the dentist looking forward to leaving. They want to be able to walk out with the same smile that my son had when he was given that bumble bee.

If your site conveys happy patients/ clients in photo and video then you are achieving two things:
(i) Your site is different – and that is half the battle of marketing.
(ii) Your customers are recommending you by their happiness. A recommendation from someone else is extremely compelling.

So there are some things to be going on with. I really hope that this is of help to you. Leave a comment (below) if you’d like me to go into any of these points in more detail – or if you have any queries of your own.

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  1. Nice article. I was able to send this to a doctor I know that could use this on their website..