Video Marketing Equipment

Video Marketing Equipment does not have to be bank breakingly expensive. If you are intending to produce something that is of professional broadcast quality then, yes, you do need to get hold of some decent equipment and people who know how to use it

Quick Tip: If someone is offering to do a video of your company ask them if they were filming/ shooting a person for an interview where abouts on the screen that person’s eyes should be i.e. how far up/ down/ left/ right.

The rule of thumb is that the eyes should be a third of the way down the screen. And if they are looking to camera left (i.e. their right) then their eyes should also be about a third of the way in from camera right i.e. they are in the right hand third of the picture looking across the other two thirds of the picture.

Anyway for just doing your own low level work Video Marketing Equipment can be just a couple of hundred pounds/ dollars and be perfectly good enough.

A simple point and shoot camera will work if mounted on a gorilla grip tripod.

Free Microsoft Office Software equivalent

Free Microsoft Office Software (the equivalent to it produced by Computer giant Sun Mircosystems) is up for grabs.

If you haven’t already heard about this then it’s well worth checking out. Go to and click on ‘I want to download’. Then follow the very simple instructions.

It does have one or two limitations most of which can be worked around with a plugin or some adaptability. Plugins can be found by doing a search in Google/ Yahoo/ Bing addressing your specific issue. Various solutions will come up in the results until you’ve found the one for you!

Go for it. Here’s the direct link